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Scrap Yards and Automotive Spares vs Global Warming

Automotive scrap yards are good for the environment. The re-use of used auto parts and the re-cycling process of scrapyard automobiles saves valuable energy and natural resources. By using salvageable used auto parts from accident damaged vehicles and the processing of scrap metals from automotive scrap yards, reduces the global greenhouse gas footprint. This positively alters cliimate change and global warming effects that impact our earth and it's atmosphere. Automotive scrapyards need to adopt this phenomenon and rightly take credit for it through advertising awareness.

For every ton of steel re-cycled, 1135 Kg of iron ore, 635 Kg of coal, and 55 Kg of limestone are conserved. Industry statistics show that since 1997, enough steel was recovered from scrap yard re-cycled cars and trucks to manufacture and assemble 18 million new automobiles. This re-cycling process preserves metal reserves as well as the energy required to produce refined steel.

It makes sense to re-use and fit used auto parts. Auto parts on late model vehicles have immense value. Scrapyards supply second hand parts that are now being re-used more often by panelbeaters and vehicle repairers through insurance companies who have realised the importance of this underlying process and are applying more used auto spares to accident damaged vehicles daily. If you are looking for spares look no further.

Simply fill in the ‘Parts Request Form’ form above and we'll link you directly to all our participating scrapyards and motor spares suppliers by sending your request out with your name and number. Whoever has the parts will contact you back directly. When an automotive component is located through our system we urge you to make use of our Safe Trade Account,  "Payment Protection Facility" that protects both 'the buyer' and 'the supplier' of the motor spares.

LOOKING 4 SPARES 'Safe Trade Account' gives the parts network in South Africa added security when buying or selling auto and commercial parts at a distance.

Did you know: Automobiles produce over 20% of greenhouse gasses. Scientists estimate that every 10 years global temperature will increase by 1 degree Celcius and should we reach 2 degrees plus in the next 20 years, it would benchmark a global warming 'tipping point'. Polar ice caps are melting and the Greenland ice shelf is receeding by 40 metres a day, enough water to supply New York City for one year. Rising sea levels are adding extreme pressure on the earths tectonic plates, causing underlying shifts in the earths crust. Tsunamis and global disasters are immenent and Hurricane Katrina was labled 'The Storm of the Century'. The Amazon Forest emits 20% of our oxygen is being depleted at an alarming rate and in 2007 the Amazon River's tributaries dried up completely for the first time ever. On 11 March 2011 Japan was hit by an 8.9 Tsunami disaster, the worst ever recorded in modern times. In 2012 Great Brittain recorded the highest level of rainfall ever. Global disasters are a reality.

Think what man has accomplished and diminished in just 100 years. We are now required to cut 18 billion tons of greenhouse gasses a year to stay on the safe side of the 2 degree tipping point ... as China puts out 14,000 new cars on the roads each day. What will be store for us in 2013 ?

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