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Safe Trade Account


1. If you are buying new or used motor parts locally, at a distance or from an unfamiliar or unknown scrapyard or parts supplier, we recommend that you make use of our Safe Trade Account when purchasing auto, motorcycle or truck motor parts, together with at least one photograph and specific details of the part/s that you require.

2. Your payment for the parts is held in the Looking 4 Spares Safe Trade Account untill such time as the spares reach you.

3. A 10% Safe Trade Account fee will be levied to the value of the purchase for use of our 'Safe Trade Account' service. This fee can often be shared between 'the buyer' and 'the supplier' of the spares through negotiation between the two parties.

4. Payment will be released to 'the supplier' of the part/s once 'the buyer' is reasonably satisfied with the spares that he is receiving as per the quotation / order / guarantee from 'the supplier', together with any other relevant paperwork. Engines should always be accompanied by an invoice stating the make and model, including the corresponding engine number that appears on the engines cylinder block.

5. The parts delivery and invoice or other documentation must be inspected, 'on the spot', by 'the buyer' or 'responsible person' receiving the parts delivery. Should 'the buyer' or his agent, (responsible person collecting or accepting the order), be satisfied with the parts that he/she is receiving, whether for himself or on behalf of a third party, the 'order/delivery' must be signed off and 'accepted' by the responsible person present, together with the courier companies driver or official person that is present with the collection or delivery of the stated goods. Once the spares delivery is accepted and signed for by 'the buyer', it is deemed as a tacit acceptance of the goods and the money held by Looking 4 Spares in safe keeping will be released to 'the supplier' with immediate effect or within a reasonable time at the sole descretion of Looking 4 Spares.

6. Should the delivery of goods be to that of a holding facility or storage place, the parts order must be collected within 24 hours from date of delivery and at the delivery address stated, failing which the money held in our Safe Trade Account shall be automatically released to 'the supplier' of the goods without further delay or notice.

7. Should the parts delivery be reasonably 'unsatisfactory', i.e (not in accordance with the initial, sale agreement / order), the goods can be returned to 'the supplier' with the courier present, without any signature of acceptance or otherwise. This eliminates the risk of potentially receiving incorrect or damaged parts and gives the entire parts network improved security and understanding.

8. Looking 4 Spares does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any goods that are adverstised and purchased, damaged or stolen or transported incorrectly or otherwise, which are accepted by 'the buyer'. Any goods purchased from 'the supplier' are his/her private property untill the delivery note has been signed and accepted and 'the supplier' has been paid. All transactions are entered into are done entirely at 'the buyer' and 'the suppliers' risk.

9. Looking 4 Spares accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damaged, incorrectly supplied part/s or parts not supplied at all for reasons beyond our control.

10. Looking 4  Spares accepts no responsibility for any costs whatsoever arising from any negotiations or transaction or to be included or drawn into any disputes, litigation of any nature between 'the buyer' and 'the supplier' or any third parties for any motor spares sale, deliveries and/or collections of any such nature.

11. All disputes must be settled between 'the buyer' and 'the supplier'.

12. Looking 4 Spares reserves all it's rights to release money to any parts supplier or purchaser for any parts delivered or collected at our sole descretion.

13. DO NOT accept or sign for parts that are incorrectly supplied, as per the delivery note, as per your order or initial sale agreement. It is up to 'the purchaser' or his / her agent reponsible to understand and know what he or she is signing for and accepting, concluding the purchase / sale of the goods.

14. All the rights of Looking 4 Spares and its members are strictly reserved.

15. Should you have any questions regarding the 'Terms and Conditions' of the Looking 4 Spares Safe Trade Account, please contact  our Head Office: 011 463 4980 during adminastrative office hours (Mon-Fri) 08h30 - 14h00.