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Trust in Your Instincts: “If it sounds too good to be true” it probably is and there’s something that's not right… By trusting your instincts and using common sense will save you from getting into a precarious situation and getting ripped off.

Don’t Give Out Personal Information: Never give out your personal information such as your credit card or ID number, your birthday and other private information.  

LOOKING 4 SPARES Safe Trade Account: Make use of our ‘Safe Trade Account’ payment protection facility, when buying or selling motor spares. Read up about the buying and selling tips and terms and conditions for using the safe trade service before trading with anyone who is selling spares from an unknown supplier or at a distance VISIT http://www.looking4spares.co.za/safe-trade-account The service can save you valuable time and money !

Inspect Parts Before You Pay: Once the parts reach you inspect them and any paperwork before signing for the goods with the courier that is present and always insist on an invoice or collection note or  tracking number.

Meet in Public: If you are buying from a stranger, always meet to exchange money and goods in a busy public place. If you feel uneasy about the person that you are meeting, meet outside a police station if you are carrying a substantial amount of cash and take a friend to accompany you.

Don’t hand over the spares: Make the buyer come to your vehicle or 'to you' to inspect the goods, and, don’t let him go to the car with items in hand if they haven’t paid you cash for them yet. Always dictate the terms and conditions.

Question the Sale or Purchase: Don’t be afraid to ask obvious questions. Ask the seller why they he is selling the item/s and about the condition and where the parts originate from. For the sellers of goods, don’t be afraid to ask buyers the same obvious questions related to the type of parts being bought or sold. If something sounds unrealistic it is more than likely unrealistic. If you are the buyer or the seller, you can always back out of a transaction before any money is exchanged and move on.

Know What You are Buying: Research the item you are planning on buying so that you understand and know exactly what you are actually getting when you pay. Make a drawing and take a picture saved on your smart phone for reference or even better take the sample with you. Research the parts on the internet. Google will supply you with all the relevant information at the click of a button. If you are buying or selling something, you can protect yourself by providing correct and detailed information about the part. Accurate information is the key to success here.  

Keep Transaction Records: If you buy and sell spares on a continuous basis, keep records of what you have bought and sold, where you have met, and who you bought or sold from including vehicle registration numbers, telephone and ID numbers any even take a picture of the buyer or seller or the vehicle they drive.

Be savvy and be smart when buying or selling goods from the unknown.

CLICK HERE for Safe Trade Account 'terms and conditions' when buying spares from an unknown supplier or at a distance.

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