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LOOKING 4 SPARES important information for buying and selling motor parts

LOOKING 4 SPARES is your nationwide motor parts One-Call-Centre 0861-777722 with over 200 new and used parts suppliers, vehicle dealers and scrap yards in South Africa. If you are looking for car, bakkie, truck or motorcycle spares and accessories you will find that sometimes it is not as easy as one would think when trying to locate your vehicle spares. The dealerships or agents usually dont have the parts in stock or the parts are absolete and can only be sourced from an automotive or commercial scrap yard.

There is however a solution to your problem that can save you time and money!

LOOKING 4 SPARES is a motor parts locator service that links ‘the buyer' to ‘the supplier’ of the spares.  We have a new or used parts supplier in your area. If you require an automotive, commercial or motorcycle spare parts, we can assist you by sending your parts request out to all our participating scrap yards, spares dealers, reconditioning centres and  any other companies that trade in different types of new and used mechanical spares and vehicle parts.

To get a link to a compatible world of spares for your vehicle type, make and model, simply CLICK HERE www.looking4spares.co.za and complete the Parts Request Form on the HOME page or contact the LOOKING 4 SPARES One-Call-Centre on 0861-777722 during office hours. Your parts request will be immediately processed in real-time and sent out to our suppliers  who will contact you back as soon as they have checked their stock for the part you require in order to make a sale.

Remember, it is up to the buyer’’ and NOT up to  the supplier’’ of the part to fully know and understand what you are buying. Always take a sample or cross reference photographs or similar diagrams and technical descriptions to be sure you are purchasing the correct part. VIN and engine numbers are vitally important  together with gearbox codes and part numbers pertaining to the spares you require.

The more accurate the information that you supply the parts dealer the better your response and outcome will be!

The following information should always be supplied or requested when buying or selling a motor car or commercial vehicle through the LOOKING 4 SPARES car and parts locator system or classifieds. Vehicle deatails such as VIN and engine number can be found on the licence disc of the vehicle :

Make of vehicle ?

Model of vehicle ?

Year of vehicle ?

VIN /  engine / gearbox code ?

Is there any accident damage ?

If so, where ?

Condition of Engine and Gearbox ?

Condition of interior ?

How many Km’s on the clock ?

Single or Double Cab ?

4x4 or 2x4 ?

Colour of the vehicle ?

Is the vehicle paid for ?

Do you have the registration papers ?

Your telephone numbers ?

Your e-mail address ?

Your town and province / area ?

Bottom line price you want ?

CLICK HERE for the LOOKING 4 SPARES ''Safe Trade Account" your Payment Protection Facility when buying or selling vehicles and motor spares from an unknown supplier or at a distance

LOOKING 4 SPARES It's a free service and always will be !

Motor Scrap Yards National Road Traffic Management Act

Please send your views and reviews to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The National Road Traffic Management Act of South Africa is underway to impose a ban on the selling of good used motor parts that are stripped off motor vehicles that are write off’s. At this stage it is still unclear as to how far the new law will impact our industry or economy.  

Undesirable vehicle rebuilds seem to be the real problem in our country. The law at present does not prohibit the flow and regulation of accident damaged vehicles that are beyond repair from being scrapped to a code 03 or code 04 status which results in a ‘rebuild-a-bargain’ scenario in many cases and the ‘cheapies’ that are purchased are simply tied to a tree and pulled ‘back into shape’, with the most unsatisfactory conditions prevailing.

The problem is, who is going to be responsible for determining what is a ‘complete right off’ and what will be allowed back on the public roads?  The bottom line question is, what 'used vehicle parts' will be allowed for resale purposes? Surely this will be a role that the insurance companies will be required to undertake? This means higher insurance premiums and more emphasis placed on the buying of new vehicles. With this will come all types of corruption as usual, and as far as auto and commercial scrap yards are concerned, the buying of accident damaged cars and the selling of ‘good used spares’ will continue as ‘business-as-usual’ unless the law is passed.

Over the last ten years there has been a drastic improvement on drunken driving statistics which has seen a reduction of motor vehicle accidents, which in turn has been responsible for a shortage of ‘good used motor spares’ becoming available from accident damaged vehicles due to the decline in the drinking and driving campaigns. The problem is that companies who ‘buy and sell’ these rebuilds are claiming the bulk of the vehicle stocks without allowing the used spares industry to thrive from being offered an opportunity to dismantle these unsatisfactory vehicles.

The Re-Use & Re-cycling process of ‘good used spares’ is good for the environment. By using salvageable used auto parts from accident damaged vehicles and the processing of scrap metals reduces the global greenhouse gas footprint. Global warming is a reality and every good vehicle used part should be reused!

The people of South Africa are always in need of good reliable used spares to help the economy grow instead of declining. Impeding access to good used spares is not an option for the lower and middle class income groups who have to cope with rising living costs, including the reality of a new and unfair E-Toll tax system to add to their frustrations of owning and running a motor car which is their business.

LOOKING 4 SPARES is South Africa’s #1 parts locator service that generates 10000 parts leads a month which are sent out to over 200 participating automotive scrap yards, motor parts suppliers & reconditioning centres nationwide.

Whoever has the parts will contact the buyer directly and make the sale. There is no middleman or broker in any sale or purchase.

VISIT www.looking4spares.co.za or contact our One-Call-Centre on 0861-777722

The Mercedes-Benz Scrap Yard

Mercedes-Benz used spares One-Call-Centre 0861-777722

Over the last 50 years Mercedes-Benz has produced various models of cars and transporters for the South African market and gained a reputation as one of the finest luxury-sports vehicles in the world. Mercedes has many dealerships throughout the country and if you have ever had the pleasure of owning or driving a new or second hand Mercedes motor vehicle you will come to understand why these cars are at the top of the vehicle brand list.

Mercedes-Benz cars require specialist attention when the service date is due and you will find that spares are not too difficult to come by in the new or used spares markets today. Sooner or later you will require the service of a parts centre at some time or other. There are a few options you have when buying Mercedes spares for your motor car or commercial vehicle.

There is a Mercedes dealer in your area that sell new Mercedes spares which are readily available if you drive a late model vehicle and then there are also the local motor spares suppliers that sell aftermarket replacement parts or the pirate version of motor spares. The Mercedes aftermarket parts are basically a replica part that is almost identical to that of the Mercedes-Benz original factory part and if you still don’t find what you are looking for then there is one last option.

The Mercedes-Benz Scrap Yard is the place to go that stocks original good used spares for Mercedes that you are looking for. These used Mercedes spares can be sourced as used parts for your vehicle from an auto or commercial scrap yard that are stripping the same vehicle like yours. Mercedes used spares are usually quite easy to locate in South Africa and if you get a response on the part you are looking for it would be worth your time and effort to go and view the part and negotiate a deal.

The Mercedes-Benz Scrap Yard is a bargaining shop where cash in hand does the talking for car and van parts being dismantled for good resale.  When the time arises, you need to consider if replacing the part with a good used Mercedes part from a scrap yard near you will be worth your efforts. The scrap yard offers excellent reusable replacement Mercedes parts which can be bought at approximately half the price of a the new spares part and get good mileage from such parts.

If you are looking for Mercedes spares, contact LOOKING 4 SPARES www.looking4spares.co.za or get hold of their ONE-CALL-CENTRE on 0861-777722 for fast service on new and used spares. The LOOKING 4 SPARES call centre will put you in touch by sending your parts request out to all participating scrap yards and spares suppliers nationwide, together with YOUR name, number and email address if you please. Whoever has the parts in stock will contact you back with a quotation.

LOOKING 4 SPARES for your Mercedes ? It’s a free service and always will be !

BMW Crankshaft and Engine Bearings

Contact BMW POWER for all your engine bearing requirements on 082-4400664

Fitting the correct engine bearings and premature malfunction can arise from a host of reasons.  When building an engine, fitting the crankshaft bearings is always touchy. Crankshaft bearings and their respecticve journals are probably the most important rotating parts of any engine and there are many reasons that can be attributed to premature ‘crank to bearing’ failure. Stripping the engine will always show evidence to which part is the culprit.

The crankshaft bearings have a dual function of reducing friction between the rotating journals of the engines crankshaft big end and main journals and the stationary parts, which are the connecting rods and the main caps of the engine block. The main caps are responsible for supporting the crankshaft while the big ends are the crank throws which are responsible for pushing the pistons up and down from TDC  to BDC.

Explosions caused inside the combustion chambers require the bearing material to be extremely strong and therefore a durable metal surface is required. Reducing friction is accomplished by allowing dissimilar metals to slide against each other with less friction and wear and tear than similar materials would do.

Any material used for a process such as this would give the engine bearing certain friction reducing properties and is enhanced by forcing a constant flow of lubricant between the bearing and crank journal, thereby enhancing the reduction in friction between the moving and stationary surfaces. Another one of the bearing’s main functions is to establish and maintain a film of oil and therefore bearings are manufactured from porous materials.

All these functions are harmoniously engineered to work within the smallest acceptable tolerances, however, when a crankshaft or one of its bearings fail the results can be catastrophic. Most often crankshaft to bearing failure is most often associated with a faulty bearing, together with other underlying factors that require a closer inspection which often points to debris of some type or other.  

Some bearing to crankshaft failures are caused by a combination of factors which must be rectified at all costs before repairs can commence. Firstly, ensure that your oil pump is supplying adequate oil flow, and then determining the most likely cause of failure would entail stripping the entire engine down and methodically clean each and every part, paying special attention to the crankcase and its relative components.

Whether you find dirt from grinding remnants in an oil gallery, the smallest dust debris can cause significant damage to bearing surfaces thereby dramatically shortening engine life. Other problem areas to check are malfunctioning oil pumps, improper bearing selection and fuel dilution, which is most often caused by blow-by or simply leaking injectors or carburetor.  

Just as with the installation issues, incorrect machining can also result in bearing to crank failure. An out-of-round crankcase housing bore will cause the main bearing to distort and will be required to be line bored just as an out-of-round connecting rod would require resizing.

BMW POWER suppliers of all oversize BMW engine bearings www.bmwpower.co.za


Tips on Buying Motor Parts from a Scrap Yard


Looking 4 Spares is your engine and gearbox and spares specialists with over 200 scrap yards and parts suppliers who can assist you when you are looking for spares and accessories for your car, bakkie or motorcycle. If you are looking for any car, bakkie or motor bike spares, LOOKING 4 SPARES is your best bet at linking your parts request to all our participating auto and commercial scrapyards and spares suppliers throughout South Africa.

Here are some tips when buying or selling motor part from a scrap yard:

  1. VISIT www.looking4spares HOME page and complete the parts request form.
  2. Make sure you complete the form with as much accurate information as possible.
  3. Engine and VIN numbers can be found on the licence disc of your vehicle.
  4. The more information you supply, the better your response will be.
  5. Make use of your cell phone camera and upload and send the supplier a picture of your part.
  6. Your e-mail address is important to the parts supplier as this makes a response quick & easy.
  7. Supply a telephone number that will be available during the day at all times.
  8. When contacted by a parts supplier or automotive scrap yard always check out their credentials.
  9. Always insist on a company name, telephone number and address and use GOOGLE maps.
  10. Never pay any supplier before contacting the LOOKING 4 SPARES One-Call-Centre for help.
  11. It’s up to 'the buyer' to understand and know exactly what spare part he is purchasing.
  12. Use your common sense and don’t trust just anyone when buying spares on the internet.
  13. Do not sign for parts that are incorrectly supplied !
LOOKING 4 SPARES offers a free, safe and effective parts locator service. Although we strive to give you the best service possible we cannot be held liable for any motor parts incorrectly supplied, bought or sold through our website or call centre. All our rights are reserved.

Please make use of the LOOKING 4 SPARES SAFE TRADE ACCOUNT Payment Protection Facility. VISIT http://www.looking4spares.co.za/safe-trade-account and read up on how we can help you when buying or selling spares from an unknown supplier or motor scrap yard at a distance or simply contact the LOOKING 4 SPARES One-Call-Centre on 0861-777722.

LOOKING 4 SPARES will send all your parts requests out to our suppliers, auto and commercial scrap yards and reconditioning centres with your name and number. Whoever has the parts that you are looking for will contact you back directly with a quotation. You deal directly with our parts suppliers and used spares scrapyards. We are the largest suppliers of new and used spares, scrap yards parts, engines, engine parts, gearboxes, diff, suspension, steering, brakes and clutch, flywheels, auto body parts, auto electrical spares at the best prices. Contact us today and we will put you in touch with an approved supplier in your area.

We buy cars, bakkies and motorcycles for cash in any condition. We offer you ‘cash-on-the-spot’ for your vehicle and immediate ‘tow-away’ services. Contact us for safe and efficient vehicle scrapping solutions.

LOOKING 4 SPARES It’s a free service and always will be !

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