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Once you buy a new or used car there will be routine maintenance services that have to be adhered to in order to keep your vehicle running efficiently. If your newly acquired car or bakkie is an older model, one of the most important and problematic areas will be keeping the engine in good working order. The motor that your vehicle is fitted with will either be a diesel or petrol engine powerplant and nowadays it is more than likely fitted with a turbocharger for efficiency.

Turbo’s are the way most vehicle manufacturers are heading as they can develop more power out of a smaller engine and therefore emit less amounts of carbon into the atmosphere thereby reducing global warming. A common turbo spins at approximately 175000 RPM and requires replacement or reconditioning every 60000 – 70000 km’s to keep the engine reliable.

Engines require more maintenance than any other part of a motor vehicle and it is recommended that you service the engine at the stipulated intervals. Servicing the engine requires the knowledge of a competent mechanic and the quality parts to get the job done. There are many mechanical workshops that maintain high standards but finding the correct mechanic can be trying on ones nerves as you can fall into a bottomless pit, hence the old saying, “you get what you pay for”.

Ask your friends and family if you are unsure and go to a mechanic that has a good name in the industry such as a franchised network. If your vehicle requires various new parts that are expensive you can turn to the used motor spares suppliers and motor scrap yards who stock good used motor spares that have been stripped from accident damaged cars, bakkies, SUV’s and 4x4 vehicles for their immense value in reusable mechanical, electrical and auto body parts that com at a fraction of the cost of a new part.

Motor spares can be sourced from your local motor parts supplier such as Midas, Autozone or similar suppliers who carry a wide variety of spares for most motor vehicles. These part are called aftermarket parts as they are manufactured by form of imitations of the original dealership parts. Then there is the motor scrap yard that offers good used parts at a very reasonable price.

If you are looking for spares for a particular motor car, light delivery vehicle or motorcycle, then there is a safe passage to locate and purchase your parts from a scrap yard or spares supplier. Contact the ‘Looking 4 Spares’ one-call-centre on 0861-777722 or visit www.looking4spares.co.za for quick service and good new and used spares. It’s a free service and always will be !

Make use of the Looking 4 Spares Safe Trade Account a payment protection facility that protects both 'the buyer' and 'the supplier' when buying spares from an unknown parts supplier or at a distance.


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