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BMW Used Engines For Sale

BMW is probably one of the most sought after cars in South Africa andone of the most popular motor vehicle brands out in the market today.

BMWAG offer a wide range of quality cars and SUV modelsthat are all well known sellers. Over the past few years BMW have released a competitive range of top quality and performance model cars and SUV’s into the market place.

If you own a BMW or you are thinking of buying one you have made a good choice.  There are so many competitors and options out there but if you are looking for aquality package BMW are top contenders and have a fantastic spares back up to prove themselves worthy.

The engines that BMW have developed are genius the way they are engineered with no slouches on their starting line up.

If you are driving an older model BMW and the engine and its come to a complete stopyou would probably be better off buying a used BMWengine with a warranty.

Sometimes the engine and relative parts you are looking for can become a bit of a challenge, difficult to find and time can be wasted.

South Africa has many goodBMWmotor scrap yards in that have theBMW used enginefor sale that you are looking for to fit into the engine bay of your car.

Make sure when inquiring about a used BMW motor that you are calling a well established used spares scrapyard or BMW engine supplierwho has a fixed address and a land line.

BMW parts and engine suppliers can be found throughout the internet and right here on Looking 4 Spares. The used spares scrapyards with websites are probably your best bet as a starting point as they are well established on the net.

Once you have pulled the old engine out take pictures of your engine and send them together with the correct engine code which you will find on your engine block as well as onyour vehicles registration papers. This is a the best way to sort out any problems or arguments that may arise later when buying an engine or spare parts for yourBMW.

Confusion can be alleviated as to what BMWengine they may have in stock. If the scrapyard sends you a picture of theengine and any other parts you require you should be able to see any discrepancies.

When buying any make or type of car parts or an engine at a distance or froman unknown parts supplier, check with Google Maps to make sure that they are who they actually say that they are or contact the Looking 4 SparesCall Centre for confirmation.

“LOOKING 4 SPARES” is South Africa’s  leading new and used motor spares, scrapyards and engine and gearbox suppliers.

We link you to over 200 approved scrapyards and BMW motor parts andengine supplierson your first call: Dial Call Centre 0861 7777 22 Mon to Friday.

Your request is sent to all BMWScrap Yards and parts suppliers.

Whoever has thespares will contact you back directly.

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