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The starter motor of an engine is key to get your motor running quickly without hessitation. A good sound battery is essential orthe starter will not get enough power to spin the engine fast enough to start.

Diesel powered motors require a slightly larger and stronger starter motor than that of petrol engines because they run at about 20:1 compression ratio whereas petrol motors run at aproximately 9,8:1 compression ratio depending on what octane is available in the fuel.  

A starter motor is generallya maintenance free engine part that should last up to 100,000 km’s without any trouble if it is an original equipment manufacturers part, (OEM) (As per OEM warranty).

An aftermarket or pirate part bought at a motor spares shop such as Midas or the Autozone franchise is often overlooked due to the manufacturers warrany of the part wether it be a pirate or OEM part. 

When buying a new starter motor the OEM part is more expensive so one should always check and compare prices and also weigh up if it is worth spending the extra money on a vehicle that has already seen 300,000 km’s on the clock and you be may thinkng of selling it in the near future.

Unless you are building a one off special car or engine with good sound value then the OEM spares will always give you peace of mind knowing you fitted the correct original vehicle manufacturers part.

The Pirate spares market is huge with a wide range of different aftermarket starter motor manufacturers who stock a wide variety of well known starter motor brands. The worldwide motor spares industry is extremely competitive. 

This gives the customer a wide variety of well known name brands of qauality starter motors to choose from at very reasonable and attractive prices compared to the OEM part.

If you are having starter motor trouble and you know the symptoms and understand the electrical circuit of astarter motor then you will know exactly what to do.

From a turn or push of a button the ignition and battery power the engines starter motor which swings the engine which starts every time. If you own an automatic remember that you cant push start an auto as you can with a manual so ensure a good starter motor as well as quality starting components.

The choice is yours wether to buy and fit Pirate or OEM spare parts to your vehicle because at the end of the day its what you want. Drive Safe.

Contact Looking 4 Spares or contact our call centre on  0861 7777 22  for all your new and used spares. We send your parts request to over 200 scrapyards and parts suppliers listed on our database that are spread nationwide across South Africa. Whoever has the spare parts available will contact you back ASAP with a quote. You deal directly with the suppliers. Check out our safe trade accountwhen buying spares from a distance or unknown supplier.

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